Business Visas in Thailand

Business Visas in Thailand

Business Visas in Thailand. Thailand, renowned for its vibrant business environment and strategic location in Southeast Asia, attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. To facilitate business activities, the Thai government offers various types of business visas. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding business visas in Thailand, covering eligibility criteria, application […]

Marriage Visa in Thailand

Marriage Visa in Thailand

Marriage Visa in Thailand. For couples seeking to build a life together in Thailand, the Marriage Visa, formally known as the Thai “O” Visa, offers a legal pathway to residency for foreign spouses. This visa allows foreign spouses to join their Thai partners and establish a life together in the Land of Smiles. This article […]

Retirement Visa in Thailand

Thai Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa in Thailand. A foreigner on a retirement visa can stay in Thailand for one year. It can be renewed if the requirements are met. Applicants need to report their residence to the immigration office every 90 days. They can do this by mail or by visiting the office personally. They can also employ […]

Thailand Long-Term Resident Visa

Thailand LTR Visa

The Thailand Long-Term Resident (LTR) Visa offers many privileges that will make it easier for those looking to work remotely and live in Thailand. These include discounted personal income tax rate, faster visa processing, fast track at international airports, and reporting yearly to Immigration instead of 90 days. The program aims to attract over one […]

Thailand Elite Visa


Applicants must have a passport with at least 5 years of validity. The Thailand Elite visa is affixed to your existing passport or can be transferred into a new passport at any Thai Embassy or Consulate. This visa package is designed for affluent families who want to create their life in Thailand without the hassle […]